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Album Release - The Flying Free Tour - When Rivers Meet


When Rivers Meet will release their first-ever live album "The Flying Free Tour" on Friday July 29th, available via their website - and will be released on CD, DVD, vinyl and digital. The live album was taken from recordings and footage from three concerts during WRM's 17-date April and May 2022 headline UK tour.

"Our first-ever headline tour was amazing,"  "We wanted to capture some of the incredible moments. We've always enjoyed listened to and watching live recordings, and it's been a dream of ours to create our very own."   

says WRM's lead singer Grace Bond.

The live album features Grace Bond (vocals, mandolin, fiddle) and Aaron Bond (vocals, guitar) accompanied by Roger Inniss (bass) and James Fox (drums, keys, backing vocals). Together, the four talented musicians created an exciting and powerful stage performance in front of thousands of concert goers across the UK. Featuring songs taken from WRMs first two albums, We Fly Free and Saving Grace, plus songs from their two EPs, The Uprising, and Innocence of Youth and includes approximately sixty minutes of performance footage. The DVD edition includes bonus features of crowd interactions and reactions.

Artist - When Rivers Meet 

Genre - Blues, Rock

Location - East Of England, UK

The Flying Free Tour | New Rock Music Release | New Rock Radio Showcase

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Booking contact 

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Track - Walking On The Wire (Live)

Album - The Flying Free Tour

Year - 2022

Current Band Members 

Grace Bond - (Vocals, Mandolin, Fiddle), Aaron Bond - (Vocals, Guitar), Roger Inniss - (Bass, Musical Director), James Fox - (Drums, Keys, Backing Vocals)

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