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Artist Bio - Black Tree Vultures

Black Tree Vultures Post Cover Image

Anyone who has ever witnessed a performance by Black Tree Vultures since their inception, will wax lyrical about their high octane performance, the intensity and sheer quality of their songs and the sonic soundscapes and all of this is of course true, but it only tells a little bit of their story. 

The reason why they have made so many fans in what is a relatively short space of time in music terms, they were formed in late 2017 by Aaron Hammersley & Jonno Smyth, and down to hard work they have played in excess of 400 gigs allied to their sheer dogged determination, attention to detail and their willingness to commit everything they have in them in order to fulfil what for them is a non-negotiable, that they will only ever give 100% effort to anything that they do under the B.T.V banner.

Having released three critically acclaimed E.P's and having worked with well-known producers Romesh Dodangoda and Will Maya on the last two, the guys also received lots of airplay on radio shows all over the World and also having signed to 'The Forge Music Group' it's safe to say that the future is looking very bright for the lads!

Building off the success of their previous endeavours B.T.V continue to amass friends, fans and supporters all over the world! Continuing their journey of good times and great music wherever they play! Consistently writing and developing their live set and sound, its a journey they welcome everyone on! You can tell from the moment the first notes are played, these guys have a passion and euphoria for what they do enticing everyone into the good times!

Amassing an army of supporters nicknamed "The Vulture Committee" the band prides itself on having some of the best fans in the world, welcoming all, sharing stories and creating a community of people who love what B.T.V bring into peoples lives! So, keep your eyes peeled for a show near you and come and join the fun! The boys dare you to not have fun!

Artist - Black Tree Vultures 

Genre - Rock

Location - Bournemouth, UK

Black Tree Vultures | Artist Bio | New Rock Showcase

Social Media link 

Booking contact 

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Track - Run Back To The Dark

Album - N/A

Date - 2021

Current Band Members 

 Jonno smyth, Aaron Hammersley, Tom Jobling, Jake Waters

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