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Artist Bio - Circus 66

Circus 66 Post Cover Image

Circus 66 deliver hellacious dirty hard rock with an added tank full of head banging groove. 

Where can freedom be found? It isn't the destination that determines our successes, our achievements, and ultimately finding our love for living. It is the journey that forms that path and how you CHOOSE AND MAKE YOUR OWN CHOICE and follow the black crow. This is the animal within; the single-minded, dogged, and determined defiance to only follow your path and choose your way. We cannot repeat the same mistakes but learn from those before us, resonate with those stories and lessons and then carve our destiny. FOLLOW THE BLACK CROW is the DEBUT ALBUM by CIRCUS 66 and a call for personal freedom; liberating yourself from conventional thinking and following your path. JUST BE WHATEVER YOU WANT TO BE.

Written precisely at the right time this makes perfect sense with the message and tone of defiance; not founded in negativity, but in the pursuit to CELEBRATE INDIVIDUALITY. Cutting through the noise

of conventional expectation, we remind ourselves that there is always a choice, and then come the lyrics and music; from a series of sketches to a defined message and purpose; under restrictions, there is always a choice, a decision, and a mission. THIS IS CIRCUS 66.

"We wanted to capture our versions of how we have reached this point, our single-minded determination to achieve the best we can be. It was important to all of us to waste no time in creating something that conveys the energy of our music; the tone we can all resonate to". 

Artist - Circus 66 

Genre - Rock, Hard Rock

Location - Maidenhead, UK

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Booking contact 

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Track - Jekyll or Hyde 

Album - Follow The Black Crow 

Date - 2021 

Current Band Members 

Annabelle Zaychenko- (Vocals), Matt Pearce- (Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals), Leigh Holley - (Drums), Luke Ward - (Bass)

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