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Artist Bio - Cloverhill

Cloverhill Post Cover Image New Rock Bio
Cloverhill was born when guitarist / songwriter Paul Laskey met producer Grant Henderson at a music festival in France. They both share a love of classic rock music and started work on recording Paul's songs at Grant's Loom Studio in Leeds, Northern England.

The album met very positive critical acclaim, giving rise to the band being followed by high profile music figures, including Neal Schon of Journey, Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal of Guns 'n' Roses / Sons Of Apollo, Michael Sweet of Stryper, Foreigner, Five Finger Death Punch, Yes…….and, more recently, new headline acts such as Massive Wagons, Those Damn Crows and The Dust Coda.
The band has so far remained independent, despite an offer from Mi5 / Universal....but always open to discuss the right offers of support.

Artist - Cloverhill

Genre - Rock

Location - Leeds, UK

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Booking contact 

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Track - Radio

Album - N/A 

Year - 2021

Current Band Members 

 Paul Laskey - (Guitar and Vocals), Jon Hollins - (Drums), Marcio Couto - (Bass)

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