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Artist Bio - Halo's Edge

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We only play songs that we enjoy and songs that are a bit different. We also play our own original material. We cover Muse, Foo Fighters, Evanescence, Royal Blood and The Automatic to name but a few. We can play electric or acoustic sets.

We started life as U-WATT back in November 2013 and after several line-up changes only Mal, our guitarist, and Phil, our drummer, remain. Having said that we now have the awesome Nic James on various basses, many of which he makes himself, and the fabulous front-woman Teresa on vocals.

We are all passionate about music and performing live; which we like to do as often as possible. We decided early on the we would be a democracy so we only play gigs or material that everyone agrees to. 

That way we are playing songs that we enjoy ourselves so we don't just go through the motions of playing. We also agreed early on that we would avoid the tired old hacks that many others play because we wanted to be a bit different. Occasionally we play older material or material you might not expect, but this has been Halo's-Edged so brought to life by changing elements of the song. 

We like to put our own stamp on the material we play. Most importantly we want you, our audience to enjoy the gigs we play. There's nothing better or more gratifying for us than seeing happy people dancing and/or singing along.

Artist - Halo's Edge

Genre - Rock

Location - East of England, UK

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Track - Dry Your Tears

Album - N/A

Date - 2020

Current Band Members 

 Mal Content - (Guitars & Songwriter), Phil Bury McMurdock - (Drums, Backing Vocals & Songwriter), Teresa Lynn - (Vocals & Songwriter), Nic James - (Basses, Backing Vocals & Songwriter)

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