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Artist Bio - Jake Raywood

Jake Raywood - Cover picture - Artist Bio - New Rock Radio

Self producing singer-songwriter based in Norwich creating gentle, ethereal songs.

Started playing and writing aged 10, started recording aged 17. Went to BIMM London and studied music production. Came back to Norwich and started to go to the open mics. I've really fallen in love with the scene there - there's a really positive energy, everyone who's making music is doing it purely form a place of love. Influences for me would be The Beatles, Elliott Smith, Nina Simone, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Black Country New Road. 

Over the last couple of months in Norwich I've played at the Bowling House, Waterfront studios (as part of a teaser things for Wild Paths festival), The Arboretum, Merchants House, and also played down in Dalston at The Jago. I'm quite an introverted person so I like to use my songs to transform my experience of stuff into something beautiful. 

I don't have any particular topics that I focus on just whatever catches my attention, so I've written about dreams that have lingered but then also just meeting people I've not seen in a while. I realise that might sound quite mundane but I want to try and draw peoples attention to the beauty of what otherwise seem like everyday things.

Artist - Jake Raywood

Genre - Folk, Pop

Location - East of England, UK

Jake Raywood | Artist Bio | New Rock Showcase

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Track - AM

Album - N/A 

Date - 2021

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Jake Raywood 

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