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Artist Bio - Los Sketches

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Using insightful, heartfelt lyrics, with groovy rhythms and catchy melodies, collaborating with artists from all over the world to inspire Love, Courage, Kindness, Self-Empowerment, and Creativity.

I'm Stevie, the heart and soul of Los Sketches. More than just a pseudonym, to me Los Sketches is a creative vehicle that allows me to work with a community of my favourite artists on the planet, sharing thoughts, feelings, dreams, and hearts with each other and anyone who happens to hear or see what we've made together. 

Artistically I am sinceriously goofy, I Love crafting layered lyrics with great depth of feeling and meaning, especially when they are coupled with eccentric vocal stylings. I enjoy building interesting rhythms that make me want to dance, and finding juicy melodies or lush harmonies that make my heart sing! I also Love connecting and collaborating with other artists and experiencing the magic of being in that sacred space of creativity with another person, and the feeling of capturing that experience within the atmosphere of a song. 

I am inspired by everything - nature, humanity, language, culture, Love, emotions, thoughts, sounds, shapes, and art of all kinds. Musically, I express elements of indie, funk, folk, singer/songwriter, rock, soul, R&B, blues, jazz, gospel, pop, alternative, reggae, hip-hop, rap, world, and experimental genres. Most recently I've been influenced by artists such as Taryn Everdeen, Sweet Alibi, Sophie Stewart, Eireen, Anders & Edgar, Lara Taska, Nik Persaud, Arlo Sun, Ashley Turi, Jackson Petroni, François Cormier, Good Boy Cheerleader, Sidney Bridges, Vietta, Paula Varela, Bricked Out, Martina DiNardo, Charmie Deller, and a lot of world and cultural-fusion music. Being primarily a recording artist and songwriter, I rarely do live performances.

Artist - Los Sketches

Genre - Indie, Soul

Location -  Ontario, Canada

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Social Media link 

Booking contact 

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Track - Mysterie Loves Company (feat. Taryn Everdeen

Album - N/A

Year - 2021

Current Band Members 

Stevie: Lyrics, Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drum Programming, Virtual Instruments. Whoever is collaborating with Stevie: usually vocals, lyrics, and whatever instruments they want to play, with whatever creative ideas they have to share!

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