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Artist Bio - Newton Faulkner

Newton Faulkner - Cover picture - Artist Bio - New Rock Radio

Newton Faulkner is a man in motion. Across the songwriter's freewheeling fifteen-year career, the sole constant has been his urge to tear down what came before, shed his creative skin and outrun industry dogma. Already, that rebel spirit has seen Faulkner's music pinball from the outer-limits acoustic sorcery of 2007's UK#1 debut, Hand Built By Robots, through an acclaimed catalogue that takes in rock, pop, folk, soul and beyond.

Now, it finds Faulkner accelerating past the stasis of the pandemic with his antennae up and a renewed thirst to play, produce, write, score, tour, teach, talk, and test his limits with the musicians who enter his orbit. "My plan for the year is almost a reaction to what's been happening," he considers. "During the pandemic, I kept busy with the Interference (Of Light) album, but it was all quite insular, working remotely, driving myself mad. I want to get out of all that. There's so many collaborative projects I want to get involved in."

After the mystery-cloaked ventures of recent times, Faulkner's new ethos of 'no secrets' promises open lines of communications as his boldest plans to date unfold. Already confirmed is the 23-date Feels Like Home UK tour, which starts September 17th and sees him shapeshift once again. "After the last tour – which was an immensely complicated setup, like flying a musical helicopter – this one will be really stripped back and minimal, like how I started. There's definitely a power to that."

True to his promise of transparency, the Feels Like Home tour also lifts the curtain on his touring infrastructure, with VIP tickets letting the Faulkner hardcore observe the technical prep, and guitar workshops unpicking his playing methods before the gig. "There's always so many questions," he reasons, "and I started to think, 'Well, why don't we open up the process?' So, people can come to the soundcheck and experience me prepare the show! Then there'll be a workshop in the day, to suit all different levels of player."

Artist - Newton Faulkner 

Genre - Indie/ Rock

Location - Surrey, UK

Newton Faulkner | Artist Bio | New Rock Showcase

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Track - Dream Catch Me

Album - Hand Built By Robots

Year - 2009

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Newton Faulkner 

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