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Artist Bio - Wyse

Wyse Post Cover Image - New Rock Radio

Wyse's music showcases poignant, compelling lyrics propelled by infectious melodies, unexpected rhythms and percussive interludes, growling guitars and swelling synths. The digital, electronic and acoustic textures are tinged with an uplifting melancholy and an emotional vulnerability

Wyse's emotional intelligence is the catalyst for her musical projects. She is driven by a need to express difficult truths, by a visceral need to communicate the life she lives in the time in which she finds herself. The telling of those stories in a dynamic but non-conformative way is intended to reflect a contemporary society characterised by constantly evolving change, activity and progress. In turn her musical influences inspire a bold quest for sonic experimentation and relatable intimacy.

Her Anomalies project is borne from the melding of these emotional and sonic influences.

Artist - Wyse

Genre - Indie/ Rock

Location - UK

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Track - Not That Sorry

Album - Anomalies

Year - 2021

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