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Artist Bio - The Commoners


Possessing a sound tapped from the oaken belly of a whiskey barrel, The Commoners are a four-piece Roots/Rock outfit from Toronto, Canada. Offering their own blend of a tried and true musical mixture, the group pepper their sound with high-energy riffs, soulful vocals, and rich harmonies that combine to take the listener on a journey through a Sout...

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Artist Bio - Kirk Fletcher

Kirk Fletcher - Cover picture - Artist Bio - New Rock Radio

Born in Los Angeles and currently based in Nashville, Kirk Fletcher is widely considered among the finest blues guitarists on the planet, hailed for his uniquely soulful style, robust vocals, and refreshingly modern gift for authentic R&B songwriting. Having cut his teeth playing regularly in front of the congregation at his father's Compton ch...

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Artist Bio - Dub War

Dub War - Cover picture - Artist Bio - New Rock Radio

Originally formed in 1993 in Newport, Wales, Dub War were a band that tore into the atmosphere with a unique, head-turning fusion of rock, punk, hip-hop and reggae dub –efforts which, in 2020, Metal Hammer declared as 'tiresomely overlooked' and alike to the genius of Rage Against The Machine and Faith No More. Since then, frontman Benji Webbe has ...

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Artist Bio - Doris Brendel

Doris Brendel - Post Cover Image

Doris Brendel is one of the most accomplished and exciting live singers on the scene. Apart from first-class musicianship, she puts on incredibly visual shows, with outlandish steam-punk costumes and even laser gloves…. Doris Brendel, a singer of rare talent and pedigree, released her latest band album, Mass Hysteria, in September 2020 on Sky-rocke...

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Artist Bio - Jade Like The Stone

Jade Like The Stone Post Cover Image New Rock Bio

Jade Danielle Williams (aka Jade Like The Stone) was born into a Welsh/Italian family and raised in the one time Welsh Capital, Merthyr Tydfil, in South Wales. A town named, according to legend, in tribute to Tydfil, the daughter of King Brychan of Brycheiniog; a woman slain by pagans in the 5th Century. Despite the industrial nature of her working...

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Artist Bio - Erja Lyytinen


European Blues Award-winning guitarist Erja Lyytinen marks a new chapter in her career with her latest studio album, 'Waiting For The Daylight'. The Helsinki native proudly self-produced this her now twelfth studio release. The album was recorded largely in her hometown at Hollywood Studios during the first half of 2022. As with both of her previou...

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Artist Bio - Modern Woman

Modern Woman- Cover picture - Artist Bio - New Rock Radio

London based Modern Woman began life as the songwriting project of Sophie Harris, a literature graduate who started playing the songs solo at spoken word nights she ran. "I had a firm idea of the direction I wanted the project to go in, and I knew that couldn't be achieved without a full band." Harris says speaking of the band's beginnings. "It was...

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Artist Bio - Samantha Fish

Samantha Fish - Cover Image - Artist Bio - New Rock Radio

Over the course of her career as an award-winning artist, singer/songwriter/guitarist Samantha Fish has brought extraordinary power to her self-expression, capturing her inner world in combustible riffs, visceral rhythms, and spine-tingling vocal work. On her new album Faster, she joins forces with super producer Martin Kierszenbaum (Lady Gaga, Sti...

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Artist Bio - Robert Jon & The Wreck

Robert Jon & The Wreck - Cover picture - Artist Bio - New Rock Radio

Reigning from southern California, Robert Jon & The Wreck, has been taking the southern rock sound established on the east coast and bringing it to the West Coast. Since their inception in 2011. These five native Californian's have been electrifying audiences all over the world with their soaring guitar leads, boogieing grooves, rich vocal...

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Artist Bio - Newton Faulkner

Newton Faulkner - Cover picture - Artist Bio - New Rock Radio

Newton Faulkner is a man in motion. Across the songwriter's freewheeling fifteen-year career, the sole constant has been his urge to tear down what came before, shed his creative skin and outrun industry dogma. Already, that rebel spirit has seen Faulkner's music pinball from the outer-limits acoustic sorcery of 2007's UK#1 debut, Hand Built By Rob...

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Artist Bio - Laura Evans

Laura Evans - Cover picture - Artist Bio - New Rock Radio

Born in the valleys of south Wales, Laura's love of country, soul and blues music started very early when she listened to old records by Fleetwood Mac, the Eagles, Bonnie Rait, Faith Hill and more. Laura frequently travels to Los Angeles and Nashville to write and on her last trip there performed at the Bluebird Café.  Following the release of...

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Artist Bio - Larry McCray

Larry McCray - Cover picture - Artist Bio - New Rock Radio

Rust belt blues guitarist and singer Larry McCray was born in 1960 in Magnolia, Ark., as one of nine siblings. Early on, his sister, Clara, introduced him to the guitar and the transformative music of the three Kings of the blues. In 1972, 12-year-old Larry followed Clara to Saginaw, Mich., where he honed his guitar skills, adding rock riffs to the...

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Artist Bio - King King

King King - Cover picture - Artist Bio - New Rock Radio

Right now, King King are a band breaking into a swagger. There's no denying the momentum of the Glasgow rockers saluted as "the best blues-rock band in the world" (Blues Rock Review). But for Alan Nimmo (vocals/guitar), Zander Greenshields (bass), Stevie Nimmo (guitar), Andrew Scott (drums) and Jonny Dyke (organ/piano), it's far from mission accomp...

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Artist Bio - Hugh Cornwell

Hugh Cornwell - Cover picture - Artist Bio - New Rock Radio

When future historians of music draw up a list of the movers and shakers who changed the modern musical landscape, there will be no doubt that Hugh Cornwell's name will be prominent amongst them. As a pioneering musician, songwriter, and performer his pervasive influence persists in the record collections of music aficionados, across this spinning ...

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Artist Bio - Howard Jones

Howard Jones - Cover picture - Artist Bio - New Rock Radio

Howard Jones first burst upon the contemporary music scene in 1983, with his very English song-writing and pioneering synthesizers. His first two albums Human's Lib and Dream into Action were worldwide hits. Human's Lib #1 in 1984 in the UK and featured the hits New Song, and What Is Love? In 1985, Jones released the follow-up, Dream into Action, w...

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Artist Bio - IZAMANYA

Izamanya - Post Cover Image

Starting with a vision, boosted with an endless amount of passion and clear goals – IZAMANYA's rock sound was born. Izamanya released their first official CD "Second Life" in 2017. Since then, the band has rocked numerous gigs in Switzerland and abroad. IZM released their first official CD "Second Life" in 2017, Since then,...

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Artist Bio - Beautiful Skeletons

Beautiful Skeletons Post Cover Image

Four piece female fronted metal out of WashingtonTina took a chance answering a Craig's List musicians ad, fortunately she did not end up chained in a basement somewhere in Washington (Whew?) Instead she met seasoned Icelandic guitarist Einar, forming Beautiful Skeletons completed with John on Bass & Soren on Drums. Four piece melodic hard rock...

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Artist Bio - Edgar Winter

Edgar Winter Post Cover Image - New Rock

His musical multitudes alone are staggering, and they are not all of who he is. As his fans know well, he is a joyful genius, a musical wizard capable of solving any problem, and for whom limitations don't exist, only possibilities. A self-taught virtuoso on almost all instruments known to man, Winter has long been fearless in his fusion of genres ...

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Artist Bio - Eric Gales

Eric-Giles Post Cover image - NewRock Artist Bio's

Growing up in a religious household, his brothers Eugene and Manuel used to blast out Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Muddy Waters, Blue Cheer, Albert King, John Lee Hooker, King's X and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Whilst their mother was at church and little Eric was aged just four, he was soaking it all up and this is where he had his incredible grounding of blues,...

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Artist Bio - Heat

H.E.A.T - Post Cover Image - New Rock

Over the last seven years H.E.A.T has established themselves as the young leading band in the melodic rock scene, both in their homeland Sweden and internationally. They have toured and performed in front of thousands and thousands of fans around the world. It all started in early 2007 when H.E.A.T was born out of the ashes of two other bands. They...

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