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The Feathered Thorns EP Release

The Feathered Thorns - Cover picture - Artist Bio - New Rock Radio

This striking debut collection of songs is a voyeuristic drive around the lanes on moonless nights; unknown creatures stirring in their dens, shadowy scenes played out behind the worn curtains of draughty houses. These are songs deeply rooted in the gloriously strange 'otherness' of the Waveney Valley, the home of The Feathered Thorns and the place which John Peel famously described as the 'Badlands of the Norfolk-Suffolk border'.

The rawness of valve driven guitar amplifier on the verge of break-up and melancholy parlour piano seep through a rich, haunting collage of instrumentation, cradling vocals which range from desperate fragility to sharp-toothed menace, creating an atmosphere of some long past night you spent in a damp and darkened pub on the fen by candlelight and scenes that you wished you had witnessed peeping through a keyhole, holding your breath.

The Feathered Thorns bring their juxtaposed disciplines and artistic back-stories together to tell the complex, dark and atmospheric narratives that lie in the shadows and folds of the mysterious landscape in which they live, blurring the lines between domestic truth and folklore fantasy, visceral experience and memory, half remembered dreams, story and ritual. Unexpectedly epic duets, razor-sharp tongues and tracks heavy with atmosphere, drama and tenderness, these are songs of originality which defy classification of genre and explore very diverse points of reference.

Artist - The Feathered Thorns

Genre - Folk, Rock

Location - East Of England, UK

New Rock Music Release

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Booking contact 

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Track - Haddiscoe

Album - The Feathered Thorns

Year - 2022

Current Band Members 

Jason Wick - (Vocals, Guitar),  Polly Wright - (Vocals)

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