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Music Release - Deal with the Devil - Manners and Profanity

Manners and Profanity - Deal with the Devil - Single Release - New Rock Radio

We are super excited to announce our first single from our Debut Album - 'Bad Temptations' is coming on 12th November 2021.

'Deal With The Devil' is a track we are very proud off, a dark twisted tale of a life of misdemeanours and wrong turns... you won't want to miss this!

Artist - Manners and Profanity

Genre - Indie/ Rock

Location - East of England, UK

Deal With The Devil | New Rock Music Release | New Rock Radio Showcase

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Booking contact 

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Track - Deal with the Devil

Album - Bad Temptations

Year - 2021

Current Band Members 

 Ricky Allen - (Guitar and Lead Vocals), Billy Allen - (Drums and Backing Vocals), Darion Searby - (Bass and Backing Vocals).

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