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New Release - Wyse

Wyse - New EP - Cover Pic

We have been waiting for this new EP for a couple of months after being teased with the 'epic' single "Not That Sorry" earlier this year.

RELEASED TODAYOctober 1st 2021, we are very proud to announce the NEW EP – "Anomalies"
This dynamic collection of music has been expertly formed, creating a musical showcase of potential from what we can expect from the artist Wyse in the coming future.

Despite a very busy schedule, we were able to catch up with a live interview yesterday morning, exclusively for New Rock Radio. This interview provides real insight into the passion behind the music that we have had the pleasure of receiving. Drawing attention to the artists' journey and the considerable public support for a rising star.

Not That Sorry, is an earworm that gets stuck in your head, just like Nelly the Elephant.

Neen (New Rock)

New EP is out now and can be downloaded here 

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