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Single Release - Only Good Things - The Murder Capital

The murder Capital - Music Release - Only Good Things

The Murder Capital share their new song "Only Good Things," a bright and luminous love song and first taste of the band's forthcoming new music.The John Congleton produced single follows the Irish band's celebrated debut album, When I Have Fears, which reached a Top 20 chart position in the UK, a #2 position in their native Ireland, and featured in...

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Artist Bio - Newton Faulkner

Newton Faulkner - Cover picture - Artist Bio - New Rock Radio

Newton Faulkner is a man in motion. Across the songwriter's freewheeling fifteen-year career, the sole constant has been his urge to tear down what came before, shed his creative skin and outrun industry dogma. Already, that rebel spirit has seen Faulkner's music pinball from the outer-limits acoustic sorcery of 2007's UK#1 debut, Hand Built By Rob...

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Artist Bio - Prints In The Snow

Prints In The Snow Cover Image - New Rock Radio Bio

Prints In The Snow are a four-piece band from Yorkshire, Originally formed in Nottingham by singer/songwriter Laurie Armitt and bassist Catherine Preston In 2019 they recorded an album, Nothing's Lost, which was described by Divide & Conquer as "deeply reflective and powerful"Now established in Yorkshire, the band was joined in late 2019 b...

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Artist Bio - Wyse

Wyse Post Cover Image - New Rock Radio

Wyse's music showcases poignant, compelling lyrics propelled by infectious melodies, unexpected rhythms and percussive interludes, growling guitars and swelling synths. The digital, electronic and acoustic textures are tinged with an uplifting melancholy and an emotional vulnerability.  Wyse's emotional intelligence is the catal...

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Artist Bio - Hemingway

Hemingway Post Cover Image

Five piece indie rock outfit with soft focus. With shimmering spangly guitars, solid bass and rumbling rolling drums, anthems are their stock in trade and they have them in significant numbers. A sound that has heralded comparisons to The National, Suede, The Cure right back to the organic sounding bucolic earthiness of a freshly conceived U2. With...

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Artist Bio - Los Sketches

Los Sketches Post Cover Image

Using insightful, heartfelt lyrics, with groovy rhythms and catchy melodies, collaborating with artists from all over the world to inspire Love, Courage, Kindness, Self-Empowerment, and Creativity. I'm Stevie, the heart and soul of Los Sketches. More than just a pseudonym, to me Los Sketches is a creative vehicle that allows me to work with a commu...

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Artist Bio - Taryn Everdeen

Taryn Everdeen Bio Post Cover Image

Taryn is a 20-year-old singer-songwriter from Norwich, UK, currently studying at art school in Paris, France. Inspired by the sounds of Keaton Henson, Daughter, and Billie Marten, Taryn's music uses minimal instrumentation, drawing the listener's attention to her wistful melodies and hauntingly soft vocals. She performs with a gentleness and vulner...

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New Release - Wyse

Wyse - New EP - Cover Pic

We have been waiting for this new EP for a couple of months after being teased with the 'epic' single "Not That Sorry" earlier this year. RELEASED TODAY – October 1st 2021, we are very proud to announce the NEW EP – "Anomalies"This dynamic collection of music has been expertly formed, creating a musical showcase of potential from what we can expect...

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Artist Bio - Olivia C Dacal


Olivia Celeste Dacal (born in Geneva, Switzerland) is an Australian singer-songwriter with a passion for classical and jazz vocals. She has been classically trained at the Victoria College of the Arts Secondary School since 2017, where she is also training in jazz vocals. Olivia has won many awards throughout her young life. At her first performanc...

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Music Release - Deal with the Devil - Manners and Profanity

Manners and Profanity - Deal with the Devil - Single Release - New Rock Radio

We are super excited to announce our first single from our Debut Album - 'Bad Temptations' is coming on 12th November 2021.'Deal With The Devil' is a track we are very proud off, a dark twisted tale of a life of misdemeanours and wrong turns... you won't want to miss this! Artist - Manners and Profanity Genre - Indie/ Rock Location - East of Englan...

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EP Release - Everything Present One (Collars)

Everything Present One-Post-Cover-Image

Cambridgeshire up-and-comers Collars release their first-ever EP, 'Everything Present 1'. The pair wrote, recorded and produced it all from their DIY home studio in the wilds of the Fens. Indie duo based in rural Cambridgeshire. One sings and the other plays guitar and drums at the same time to create wholesome indie like your mama used to make, if...

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Artist Bio - Kitty-May

Kitty May - Post Cover - New Rock Bio

Kitty-May Hayes is a singer-songwriter from East Suffolk, Uk. She grew up in the Dunwich Forest and spent her childhood days playing amongst the trees, deer, barn owls, and nightingales. She was always creating her own imaginary worlds and was particularly drawn to the moon and the night time. With two musical parents, Kitty-May was surrounded by m...

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